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Blonde 12:18.jpg

blonde ale

Crisp, light, refreshing

our blonde ale is built on a base of pilsner malt and uses late citra hop additions to give it a little citrusy "kick" at the end.  It is our lightest offering and our recommended beverage for long days out on the water.

4.5% abv

Amber Ale 12:18.jpg

amber ale

malty, balanced

our amber uses pearl malt from the uk, biscuit malt from belgium, and columbus hops from the USA to create a full-bodied amber ale that yields a satisfying and balanced brew. 

6.3% abv

American IPA 12:18.jpg

american ipa

citrus, tropical fruit, caramel

our flagship ipa, this leans more towards an american pale ale than some of the current "hop bomb" ipas currently on the market.  we designed this with the active ipa drinker in mind: light on the bittering hops but heavy on the aromatic hops.  Just enough crystal malt to create a full body but light on the total grain bill to land at an approachable final ABV.  an ipa that makes no concessions on quality but can be enjoyed all day.

5.9% abv

Apple Pie ale 12:18.jpg

apple pie ale

cinnamon, sweet, apple

the name says it all!  crisp apples and cinnamon sticks combine with a classic english ale malt bill to produce this delicious seasonal offering. 

6.4% abv

Jalapeno Saison 12:18.jpg

jalapeño saison

jalapeño, jalapeño, jalapeño

a hopfly classic.  fresh jalapeño additions provide aroma, flavor, and spice throughout.  we stack the jalapeño heat against the quintessential farmhouse ale, the saison.  the natural spiciness and earthiness of the saison provides the perfect backbone for the pepper, allowing the heat to shine through without being overwhelming.  the heat clears up just in time for your next sip.

7.1% abv

Double IPA 12:18 2.jpg

double ipa

juicy, tropical fruit, Big

Our double ipa is a beast.  using over 3 pounds of hops per barrel, this beer is sure to satisfy the biggest hop heads out there. a light malt creates a dry finished beer that is all about letting the citra, amarillo, simcoe, and mosaic hops shine through.  get this beer while you can, as it has a tendency to fly across the tasting room bar!


9.2% abv

Milk Stout 12:18.jpg

milk stout

roasted, smooth,  body

not your normal milk stout - this might be the biggest 5.5% stout you've had.  we create an aggressive malt bill with plenty of black patent malt and roasted barley.  boil additions of lactose give the beer  a smooth, full-bodied finish that perfectly balanced the malt.  one of our favorites.

5.5% abv


18 hop ipa

melon, citrus, aggressive

a one time brew to celebrate the new year, our 18 hop ipa uses our basic american IPA grain bill but we replace the whirlpool and dry hop additions with a smattering of 18 different hop varieties.  we went heaviest on the huell melon and amarillo, which really shine through in the final product.  a fun experiment - come get it before it's gone

6.0% abv